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Get to know...Gary Stallions

As the old saying goes…when one door closes…it’s time to break some windows

For Nomad Skyline 2023 took an unexpected turn when guitarist Greg Atkins announced his departure. Opportunities for Greg’s family and career that were too good to pass up pulled him away from California.

This left a pretty significant gap in the band lineup, a gap that was difficult to fill.

Enter Gary Stallions.

Gary’s style and attitude make him a perfect fit for Nomad Skyline to continue bringing raw and honest rock to the world. His playing embodies the spirit of innovation and the passion of a true artist, exploring the depths of emotion and sonic boundaries.

Hailing from the heart of California's Central Valley, Gary first picked up the guitar at the ripe age of 15, igniting a journey that would see him become a pivotal figure in blending the worlds of R&B, funk, and hard rock.

Gary moved to the Sacramento area in 2008 and quickly became known as a solid rhythm and lead guitar player. In the years that followed, Gary made his mark on the local scene as a member of The Stoneberries and The Star Cannon Band. Together these bands spanned a decade of live performances in the Sacramento area and beyond. 

Over the years, Gary has been fortunate to have been in bands that have shared the stage with Mike Tramp's White Lion, Dizzy Reed (Guns & Roses), Trapt, Mac Sabbath, Warrant, Stryper, and Puddle of Mud, to name a few.  

Nomad Skyline is proud to welcome Gary to the band and we can’t wait to rock with all of you again soon!


February 18, 2022

Sabrina Dedek spent some time with Nomad Skyline to talk about their debut EP Open Road and what it was like to start a new band only to have the world shut down as they were just getting started.


Nomad Skyline's mission is simple...

Live Loud & Rock Hard!

This group of Northern California rockers live to deliver no-nonsense rock to a world that desperately needs to rediscover what it means to just let go. 

Check out the 'Open Road' EP on all major streaming platforms to join the mission. 



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